Wedges / V nails

Wedges also known as v-nails, join and hold the mitred corners of a picture frame together. For best results, apply a dab of wood glue to the mitred surface. Available in a choice of wedge sizes and wood-types.

Use AL wedges for Alfamacchine and A+ underpinners and UNI (universal) wedges for Cassese machines and other brands including Morso, Taurus, Brevetti, Euro, Framers Corner, Pistorius and Ortiguil.


UK Premier UNI wedges can be used together with UK Premier refillable cartridges as a direct replacement for Cassese cartridge wedges. The refillable cartridges are designed for and tested in Cassese machines and are available for all common wedge sizes. Loading UK Premier Refillable Cartridges.

Alternatively, UK Premier UNI and Cassese UNI wedges can also be used to refill plastic Cassese cartridges. It is strongly recommended that the plastic cartridges are refilled before they are completely empty, to avoid jamming and the risk of damage on removal. Refilling Cassese plastic cartridges